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IAB-Senftenberg is a successful global provider in the field of steel constructions, installation, assembly, repair and maintenance services in the metal processing, food processing, paper, chemical and other specialized industries.We have several departments that work together and ensure the quality of all projects:

  • Project management department 
  • Drawing & design department
  • Production department 
  • (dis)assembly & maintenance department 

This way we can support all kind of production companies by taking care of all the steel construction and maintenance challenges that a production company faces today…

Our product range covers the following areas:

  • Production of various steel structures in accordance with ISO 1090-2, EXC3.
  • Heavy mechanical engineering.
  • Manufacturing of pressure equipment in accordance with AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 DIN EN ISO 3834-3 and DGRL 97/23/EG Annex 1, para. 3.1

Link to our Certificates

Some of our clients are production companies in the following industries:

– Iron and steel industry
– Non ferrous industry
– Waste incineration industry
– Paper industry
– Chemical industry
– Power Plants / Renewable Energy
– Petrol industry
– Fertilizer industry
– Food industry

IAB-Senftenberg qualifies itself as your partner in quality steel constructions.
We are proud to serve you…

Video of our projects:

Our beautiful city: Senftenberg

Senftenberg is a hidden pearl in the south of Brandenburg. It is known for its beautiful peaceful city centre and has one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany.


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